Parker Bleu Roe and Charles Roe

Funeral and A Good Time - Music by Charles Roe, video by Parker who says, "You would say this is the very first music video I directed and filmed in away. My father said he would like a music video, it took awhile to get an idea I liked. After I thought of this it was pretty easy and also the very first time I used a green screen. Although the green screen is really just a greenish bed sheet that my roommate had to divide our living area so we would have some privacy."

Kitty was renamed Love seems to find its way by Parker and I like it. and My valentines gift to Cece. The lyric is simple and it should be that heart.

A nice song with the IMP drum track and borrowed images from the internet, fun just before Christmas 2012

The red buttons are a few new stories that now have video, and one that is a work in progress that needs video. The Missing Piece meets the Big O is a story by Shel Silverstein that I used to explain the concept of divorce to kids. The Cat and the Fiddler is by Jacky Jeter and was Parker's fav when he was 4 years old.

The book was Cece's favorite when she was a child, and Grandma Jill does a great job telling the tale, of a cat at night

Another classic fishy tale and a favorite of Parker when he was a wee lad, a story about excess

I think Parker re-drew the whole thing? Parker would be restless, but when I read this book to him he would relax and fall to sleep


Stray dogs need homes

EVERYday with her is like a HOLiday


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