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Charisse, Greg and boys

Diego shows off 2nd place at the Peruvian Horse Jumping Finals and there you have it.

Oie rides again, horse therapy with Carlos and Cecilia

Images of Araquipa

Friends at Centro Ann Sullivan and O in a great mood

Murder Mystery night Charles, Renita, Quan, Kim and Joel and then Marivel and Olivia play in the garden

Amazon group and Barranco art

Terry, Elmyra, Pman, Ce, Eitan and Josh and then Daniella and Larry visit Lima and the Parque Reserva

The Malecon of Lima from Barranco and the Vice Minister of Womans Affairs and Liliana Mayo of Centro Ann Sullivan

Family fun at Parque Reserva, Sapo time with Ermo in our garden and Kathy with Marivel at the Noche de Arte


The palace guards and the very arty Delfin

Casa Osma in Barranco and a very sleepy sleepy doggie in the pueblo of Canta

we rented this house for our summer fun...wow

Canta, 3 hours east of Lima

Paracas, three hours south of Lima, where you can see sea lions and penguins

Alpaca sales boom....view as I approach the edge of a mountain, nice guard rail dude

petroglyphics at the Ballestras Islands, Peru

Alpacas and beautiful silver jewels

ladies at the Ethnic Peru factory in Huachipa and Pachacamac before it was Lima, aka City of Kings.

Cuzco, south by air 1 hour and Machu Picchu, the sanctuary of the Incas

Images from the tour

Nick pets an Alpaca and Maureen , if I fall off this rock taking your picture it could hurt....I really think it would be a big boo boo

I did an orchid tour in Aguas Calientes and a trainride back to Cuszco

Table that Luke helped me build, tornillo wood base with pine stained walnut and"boganvilla baby"

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