Instant Music Project- the brain child of Scott Flory and his buds from work, comes an instant song every Wednesday night from Fairfax, Scott and his studio

Cinco Dudes - Houston, TX 1986-1992 were Cow Punk, then rock then Funk Rock- The dudes performed SXSW several times and traveled the Southeast / SW. We enjoyed the Houston Music scene of the late 80s and early 90s, with bands like Fab Motion, Monster Zero, Sprawl and Mulberry Jane and many more.

David on guitar and vox, Jody Jarrett on bazzoki, guitar and vox, Kevin on drums, me on guitar and one other guy who now produces cool trnace ambient music. This project yielded no CDs, no cassettes, just live recordings that I will get around to linking here. Although the band did not live long, it was a good band and we had fun.

aka ME and a rotating group of collaborators including Parker Roe, Andy Berry, Scott Randolph, Scott Flory, Ken Hougasian, Larry Jackson, Eddie Garcia plus other great musicians and far out friends. This is my most active project with recordings from my days in Peru, Brazil, Brooklyn, Austin and Washington DC.

Cohesion, and the Funtoys from Aggieland and Houston 1983-1986 James, Greg, Doug, Brian, Chris, Fill, John and Chuck

Various seasonal delites over the years, enjoy the silence and the joy

Here is all the childrens music you can stand- Lite hearted music with energy and thoughtful messages of fishcakes and birthdays-

simple................Home Recordings with acoustic guitar and voice. All are first takes, just a sample of what I have been writing lately

When I first met Michael in Austin I was impressed and inspired. Here was an educated, somewhat edgy poet with beautiful delivery and style. I bought his CD that had several of his poems, I took the CD home and started putting music to his words. I used this little project as a way to inspire Parker to write lyrics

Okay maybe I will start my own band, okay will you play drums- three years later we finally recorded some tunes.

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