Cohesion 4 Greatest Hits - Western B Movie, Guns and Butter, Touch Together and How is your love life?

Recorded at Dr G's in College Station, proof positive that aggies have world class- RIP James Phillips
This is a baggy trousers composition that was recorded during the KANM benefit- James plays the helloutta the sax

I know a girl and Rescue, two songs for just one click - wow I did not know it could be so easy. We did a video for I know a girl- jangly hit number 1.


Doug and Greg rock on y'all - I play a jangled guitar daring to be ruff- good memories with the whole Texas A&M gang, o so around 1986 or there bouts- Chris Simon on drums recorded in Houston

From the very first session at Heights Recording, I think we saw REM the next week at UH play a killer show, I drove in from Austin - great show

or Sipping on Ice, cool evenings in Houston and sweet tea Houston is famous for these windy disturbances and this is our diddy.