I do not know exactly how to describe Elizabeth, 1991- maybe this poster will give you an idea- It was a David Lewis's idea to have 4 guitarists write songs, along with Kirk, Kevin, me and Jody we opened up for Lubricated Goat, Wreck, Crust and alot of noise bands of Austin, Houston, Chicago and LA. We never had a studio recording, what ya hear is very live and was transferred from cassette - ha. Elizabeth was the first band I was in that encouraged improvosational songwriting, including our set lists and transitions- these are some of my favorite examples, the lyrics are cool, we added a new flavour that was dark yet cinematic. Always could count on us to produce an interesting 9 minute jam. The drumming made it a song of sorts- Jody and I add some words but David was the poetry crack. Yes sir, am I losing all my sense of time - maybe, boy we could drag it out, hell you got yer monies worth with us.