IMP stands for Instant Music Project (released CD known as 55 Wednesdays) spawned other troublesome projects like Kung Fu Gift Shop, Scott Flory and CE Roe. If you search enough you can find us at Instant Music, or check out and Reverbnation. All those who look for songs will be rewarded- below are some visualizations and remixed tunes. I joined IMP mid stream mid 2005-06 and will always cherish the times.

The instant music activity allows you and yourn to translate what you observe and feel at the moment into a beautiful song. Plus, the process will sharpen your awareness that words and ill timed blechs, notes, or tacky sounds hold meaning and are a way of expression. This activity is the perfect way for friends to get together, have a few brews and imagine they are rock gods- children are welcome and often contribute to the song. Whether or not you, or your child, can write or spell makes no difference with Instant Music! What You Need:

•A pencil or other writing tool and paper
•A clipboard to write on and use as a shield from potato chip fights
• Instruments or things you can hit and a working knowledge of what to do with them
•A basic outline of each persons part and role •A Studio or a digital recorder with editing software