Charles Roe and Cecelia Mason Coleman History


Many of the Roes's were carpenters, preachers, educators and farmers of LA, NC, AR and Texas.

Roe= originally Roebuck, probably middle England

Dads (paternal-paternal) Side

Roe, William born 1755 died 1835 served in revolutionary war, married Nancy Morris 1765-1817 they had 10 children. Arrived in Concordia Parrish, LA 1801. William Roe Jr. died on trip. John Roe (1785-1833), other children include Sarah, Rebecca, Edward, Samuel, Nancy, Nicey, Peter, George.

John Roe married Judith Clayton, daughter of James and Mary Clayton (early residents of Avoyelles Parrish, LA) they had 7 children James, Lavinia, Nancy, Pleasant, Mary, Samuel and Henry Roe.

Pleasant Roe was born in 1821, the fourth child of John Roe and Judith Clayton. He married about 1843 to his first cousin, Melissa Roe, born about 1826 to John Roe's brother, Samuel J. Roe, Sr. and his wife, Rosannah Stevens. His grandson remembers that he had the brown eyes of the maternal side, i.e. Clayton side of the family. Pleasant was employed by his Uncle Samuel Roe, Sr. , and while he was thus employed, he fell in love with Samuel's young widowed daughter, Melissa Roe Blackburn. She had previously married in the early 1840's to a Blackburn, but as far as is known, was childless. Pleasant worked for his Uncle Samuel both in Rapides Parish and Natchitoches Parish. Pleasant and Melissa Roe lived some time in Winn Parish near the old Sam Roe place, and some on Iatt Lake where the fishing was excellent, and some near the Prospect Community. Melissa died March 15, 1868 and it is believed that she is buried in an unmarked grave in the Spring Hill Cemetery which is about four miles from Pleasant and Melissa's old house place. Pleasant died on December 24, 1873 and is buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery about six miles beyond Ennis, Texas, from Midlothian in Ellis County, Texas. One of his descendents, Vera Sebren Webb, says he died as the family was moving, between making crops. According to Eliza Jane Roe McKay, Melissa's sister, Pleasant was a Cavalryman in the Civil War.

Pleasant was Co. D, 12th LA Infantry - Sgt. Co. Reserve Corps. La. Rolls of POW, CSA - Paroled At Alexandria, Louisiana, June 5, 1865. Residence: Rapides Parish, Louisiana (Now Grant Parish)." After Melissa's death in March of 1868, the family moved to Houston County, Texas, where they lived until 1869 and where he apparently married Ann Bolin (Bunion). By 1870 they had moved to Van Zandt County, Texas, he did not live with "Annie" long and then remarried to Mary Snow and had a son, Wesley W. Roe about 1872. They moved to Ellis County where he died on December 24th, 1873.

Henry Roe born 1825 died 1890's (?) was married twice. 1st marriage was to Elizabeth Betsey Lucas they had 3 children, Jessee Clayton, John C and a twin that died as an infant. Henry's 2nd marriage was to Kate Elizabeth Dove they had 4 children, Mary Roe (married Tom Barton and possible relative to Ruth), Pleasant Jasper, Henry and Andrew Jackson Roe.

Roe, Andrew Jackson 05-21-1871/ 12-27-1956 - buried at Old Home, Paxton, TX married Martha Jane Hilburn 11-30-1870 / 02-23-1960 daughter of W. H. Hilburn and Kattie Durham - buried next to Jack (Andrew) at Old Home Church. Their children included Lizzie, Mandy, Ida, Gerome Kirby, Thomas Jefferson, Sarah Jane and Sam Henry Roe.

Roe, Sam Henry 12-02-1904 / 09-10-1964 a farmer in Paxton is buried at Willow Grove Church next to Ester Margarite Barton, daughter to William Edgar and Emma Barton. Ester died suddenly 03/19/1952 leaving behind a loving family that never forgot her, they are buried at Willow Grove Church, Paxton , TX. Their children were George Edward, William Vernon, Rachel Faye, Sam Roe and Linda Kay (pictured below).

Roe, George Edward born 06-01-37 in Paxton, TX a Retired 1st Sgt. of the US Army married Linda Gale Oliver 08-30-1941 Timpson, TX. They have 3 children, Charles, Cheryl and Andrea Michelle (Mickey). Cheryl Lynn Roe b 1962 in Minden, LA

Andrea Michelle Roe Peacock (b 1977) married Courtland Peacock of Center, TX in 1992. They have 3 boys, Nicholas Courtland Peacock (b 1993 married Jessica, they have a boy Jordan b 2010). Alexander Neil Peacock (b 1994) and Aaron Roe Peacock (b 1999).


Cecelia Mason Coleman of Baltimore, MD married Charles Edward Roe of Center, TX. Olivia McCarty Mason Roe was born at St David's Hospital Austin Texas 2003. Parker Bleu Roe born 1989 to Jennie Parker and Charles Roe in Houston, TX is Olivia's half brother.



Bartons (paternal-maternal links), originally from Ireland

Shafter Barton (b1895-1956). Great Uncle married to Clara Belle Roe both deceased buried at Old Home Shelby County. Their children included Dewey Elton(b 1931- 1968) = Dewey married to Mary Helen Hutto, she resides in Paxton. Huey P. Barton (b 1936) married to Shirley Smith of Logansport, LA(b 1939), both currently reside in Winnsboro, TX.. Estelle Barton Bryant (1928-1985) married to Harvey Bryant of Center, TX (b1922) resides in Center, TX. Barton, Elzie Lee 07/06/1930 03/21/1986 Second cousin, he was married to Jesse Shelton of Paxton, both deceased and are buried at Old Home.

William Edgar Barton (1895-1957) buried Rather Cemetary, Shelby County, married Emma Barton (not a relative, until they married) born 1895-1935 buried at Rather Cemetary.

Leon Barton, Uncle (05/14/1905 -09/17/1986) divorced, buried in Old Home.
William E. Barton (1929-1989), buried in Nacogdoghes County.
Ester Margarite Barton, (mother of GE Roe) born in Shelby County (1916-1952)
May Zell Barton Broadway, (1910-1970) buried at Ramah Church, Tenaha, TX married to John Broadway of Tenaha, TX. Florene Barton Lannings (1929-1987) married Eugene Lannings of Michigan, he is buried in MI, Florene is buried in Center.

Moms (maternal-paternal) Side

Malachi Oliver born in North Carolina around 1806 married Elizabeth J. Oliver from Tennessee. Moved to Shelby (Tenahaw) County in 1840 and lived near Huanah Creek/ Arcadia. They had 6 children: William A, Andrew Jackson, Alfred Samuel, Albert Marion, George H. and Thomas J. Oliver (Great x 3 Grandfather)

Thomas Oliver (1845-1884) married Mahalie Hooper (daughter of J.J. and Sarah Hooper also from Tennessee) they had 6 children: George Fields, Dick, Mary, Alice, Jack, William (Bill) Thomas Oliver.

Oliver, William Thomas (Bill) 07/16/1854 died 04/30/1937 White Rock Broncho Pneumonia 270/7 (Great x 2 Grandfather) first marriage was to Sarah Frances Gunner (Gunter - clan from MS and AL) they had 6 children Bryant, Andrew, Adele, Woodrow, Olin and Euell Fields Oliver (Great Grandfather)

Oliver, Euell Fields 08-11-1904 02-13-1985 Disabled Vet and carpenter. Oaklawn Center, Texas (Great Grandfather) married Alliwese Pugh born 08-21-21, a Retired Nurse (Great Grandmother) and a loving Ma-mo E.F and Alliwese had five beautiful daughters, Sharan, Lois, Francis, Martha and Linda Gale (Grandmother)

Meredith E. Webb born North Carolina 1803-1883 married Charlotta Brown they had 9 children: Anthony, Jefferson N, Sarah E, Celina, Levina (twins), Milton Bunn, Orphelia and John W all born in TN and NC. Charlotta died in 1845 and Meredith married Rebecca Snider in Shelby County, TX they had 9 children: Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, Amanda, Elijah, Alford, Thomas Eli, Matilda Jeanette and Emma Eugina (Great Grandmother x 3). Note Meredith married two more times.

Emma Eugina Webb married Lonnie (J.J.) Pugh of Mansfield, LA and had one child Eugene Emerson Pugh (Great Grandfather x 2). Emma died during childbirth. Lonnies 2nd marriage produced Zula and Rosey, 3rd marriage produced Dewitt and Brodie, his 4th wife was Lucy Cranford and they had 5 children: Ozella, Marie, Ivanell, Tessie, Buddy (JT) Pugh.

William Bailey Baker of El Dorado, AR married Lela Williams of Converse, TX they had 7 children (plus 4 children that died young) Clara, Amelia, Mattie, Edward, Kate, Truman and Evelena (1893-1983) Great Grandmother x 2.

Evelena Baker married Eugene Emerson Pugh (1883-1966) they had seven children- pictured below are Clara Belle, Angie, Doris, Alliwese (Great Grandmother), Jimmie Dale, Buck and Rudoph.

Alliwese married Euell Fields Oliver of Timpson, Texas in 1920.

Pugh, John M. 02-23-1887 07-19-1975 Jerry Pugh Allie Jones Leona Ret.Parmer Pine Ridge Desota Parrish La
Oliver, Margie 10-04-1899 09-28-1957 Albert Marion Oliver/TX Sarah S. Cox/Miss - Pract.Nur Powdrill Arcadia Ch. of Christ
Oliver, George died 02/24/1923 Wagon Accident 187/2
Oliver, Joseph Jackson (Jack) 01-03-1880 09-13-1954 - Elizabeth White Rock White Rock




Cecelia was named after Olivia Cecelia West, daughter of Absalom M. West. Absalom M. West, a Holmes County planter. The railroad town of West in Holmes County was named for him. In 1858 when the town was founded, he was then Superintendent of the Mississippi Central Railroad. He had been elected to the State legislature as a Whig in 1847, and afterwards to the State senate. He was opposed to secession, but after Mississippi left the Union, he was made Brigadier General of State troops, Quartermaster General, Paymaster General, and Commissary General. In 1864 he became president of the Mississippi Central Railroad. His great task was to rebuild the road after the war's destructive years. In 1880 he was the National party nominee for vice president of the United States and the Anti-Monopoly Party in 1884. He had moved to Holly Springs after the war, where he died.

Dennis McCarty (the first) came to the colonies from Ireland in the late 1600's. The family prosperied in the northern neck of Virginia. Dennis McCarty (a later McCarty) an officer of the American Revolution in the continental army lived outside Mount Vernon, Virginia. The family attended Pohick Church, their families pew was opposite the family of George and Martha Washington's.

William Thadeus McCarty received his literary education at the Bloomfield Academy in Albermarle county, Virginia, and then entered the law department of the University of Virginia, where he was a student when the Civil war came on and was one of the students who formed a company in 1861, which was mustered into the Confederate army in April and began active service in July under General Wise. The company was disbanded in December of 1861, and Mr. McCarty returned to his home at Warrenton, Va., and there assisted in raising a battery, of which he became lieutenant soon afterward. With his command he participated in many of the fiercest battles of the war, including Seven Days around Richmond, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, battles of the Wilderness, the siege of Petersburg and Richmond, and at Gettysburg he commanded his battery, and soon after he was promoted to a captaincy. At the battles of Fredericksburg and Spottsylvania Court House his horse was shot from under him but he himself was never wounded during his army services, nor was he ever absent from duty. He served under Generals Lee and Jackson, and was present with General Lee at the surrender at Appomattox.

After the close of the war Mr. McCarty returned to the parental home, and found the plantation of his father, on which the Union soldiers had camped, in a ruined condition. The Union soldiers had burned the barn, fences and timber, and had confiscated cattle, hogs and horses. The family was without money. Young McCarty sat to work to rehabilitate the plantation. He replaced the fences by splitting rails, built a small barn, managed to buy a team of horses and raised a crop. It was a heart breaking effort for him to rebuild the once beautiful home, but he went about the task with a will, and succeeded in a gratifying measure. He desired to finish his education interrupted by the war, and with Allen Forbes, a noted Virginia lawyer, resumed the study of law. In the fall of 1866 he successfully passed an examination under three judges and was admitted to the bar of his native state. He decided to go to Texas and there engage in the practice of his chosen profession, but on his way to that state he stopped to visit an aunt at Oxford, Miss. He had a letter of introduction to L. Q. C. Lamar, dean of the law department of the University of Mississippi, who induced him to take his degree, which he received in 1868. While living in Oxford, MS he met Olivia Cecelia West. They married and moved to Emporia, Kansas where he partnered with a former officer of the Union and practiced law. Olivia and William had a daughter Hannah Caroline McCarty.

Hannah grew up in Kansas, she perferred the name Carrie. She married William Hugh McBride and they had a daughter, Martha Caroline McBride. William accepted a position with the National Life and Accident Insurance Company and moved the family to Nashville, TN. Martha attended Vanderbilt and studied Archeology. After graduating from Vanderbilt Martha met John Smylie Morrel of Milford, TX, a cotton town north of Corsicana and south of Dallas. Smylie and Martha had a daughter named, Caroline McBride Morrel aka Jill and a son John Smylie (Jack). While in Nashville Martha wrote "When the world was young".

Smylie (he never smiled) joined the Navy and served in WWII. After the war he accepted a job with Bendix Aviation and moved the family to Baltimore, Maryland. Whilst in Baltimore, Martha wrote "Young Hickory, The life and times of James K. Polk". Jill graduated from Swarthmore College and majored in philosophy. Jill was a member of the swimming, diving, tennis and badminton, synchronized swimming. team. She married Randall Carlisle Coleman and they had a daughter Cecelia Mason Coleman.

Both Ran Coleman and Jill Morrell share a connection to the Mason clan of Northern Virginia.

Randall Carlisle Coleman II and RCC III 1947, here is a glimpse into the Randall Coleman lineage going back to the McGuires of Richmond, VA: John Peyton McGuire II was born at Richmond, Va., on 30 September 1836. He married Clara Forsyth Mason at Fairfax Co., Va., on 10 July 1860. John died on 29 April 1906 at age 69. Children of John Peyton McGuire II and Clara Forsyth Mason include Clara Forsyth McGuire+ (living); Murray Mason McGuire+ (living); John Peyton McGuire III+ b. 21 Dec 1866, d. 13 Nov 1948

Clara Forsyth McGuire (daughter of John Peyton McGuire II and Clara Forsyth Mason) married Claudius F. Smith on 22 January 1891. Children of Clara Forsyth McGuire and Claudius F. Smith: Payton McGuire Smith (living): Edward Nelson Smith (living): Rose McGuire Smith (living): Clara M. Smith+ b. May 1894, d. Jan 1967

Clara M. Smith (F) b. May 1894, d. January 1967 married Randall Coleman. Children of Clara M. Smith and Randall Coleman include Randall Carlisle Coleman II b. 14 Jun 1920, d. 20 Feb 1996 and Claudius S. Coleman b. 12 Oct 1926, d. Dec 1982

Randall Carlisle Coleman II (M) b. 14 June 1920, d. 20 February 1996 married June Andrews. Child of Randall Carlisle Coleman and June Andrews; Randall Carlisle Coleman III+ (living). RC Coleman II then married Caoline McBride Morrell and their child is Cecelia Mason Coleman+ (living). RC Coleman II third marriage was to Caroline Abell of Baltimore.

FROM THE BALTIMORE SUN: Randall C. Coleman, a maritime lawyer and avid sportsman, died Tuesday of heart failure at the Keswick Home at age 75. A partner in the Baltimore law firm Ober, Kaler, Grimes and Shriver, he specialized in defending maritime insurance, shipping and tug companies until his retirement in 1989. Ran Coleman had an uncanny mutual understanding with juries. In his prime, there was no finer trial lawyer, here or elsewhere," said Senior U.S. District Judge Alexander Harvey II. M. Hamilton Whitman Jr., a maritime lawyer with the law firm, said, "His expertise was in the personal injury field involving crew members and longshoremen." Mr. Coleman's partner Jervis S. Finney said that "to all his endeavors he brought a unique combination of intellect, enthusiasm, unflagging determination and unbounded integrity, all wrapped in complete courtesy with an infectious sense of humor." Mr. Coleman argued cases before federal appeals courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. Notable local cases that he participated in during the late 1960s and early 1970s included the collision of the aircraft carrier Saratoga and the German-flag cargo ship Bernd Leonhardt, and the collision between the freighter Heering Lotte, and a pilot launch in the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal at Chesapeake City, which resulted in a bay pilot's death. A resident of the Orchards in North Baltimore, Mr. Coleman was born and raised in Lynchburg, Va., and was a graduate of St. Paul's School for Boys, where he was an all-Maryland athlete in lacrosse, basketball and football. He began his college studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia but left with the outbreak of World War II to enlist in the Navy. He was a signalman aboard a destroyer transport that was sunk at Guadalcanal in 1942. Severely injured, he spent several hours in the water before being picked up. He received a Purple Heart and returned to active duty. After the war, Mr. Coleman entered the University of Virginia, from which he earned his bachelor's degree in 1948 and a law degree two years later. While in law school, he formed and coached the university's lacrosse team. In 1950, he came to Baltimore. He became a partner in his law firm in 1957. Mr. Coleman turned to the mountains and water for relaxation. He preferred Squam Lake, N.H., and scuba diving. He was the Atlantic spear fishing champion in 1965 and 1967.

Cecelia with and Randall Carlisle Coleman III (pictured below with wife Edna and daughter Elizabeth).

Randall Coleman IV and Lily Siegel-Gardner Coleman married in Houston- happy couple (2011) and Emma, Hannah do a silly frame of Cece.

Baltimore gang with Jill Coleman on left and with Caroline Coleman on the right. Caroline Kennedy (she has two children, Jack and Hannah) and Weezie Warmath (with two kids, Emma Simpson and Ellsie Warmath).

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