The recordings here on this page are from early analog recordings, (originally released on cassette and called a $100 demo/ made at Victorian Studios by Steve Brudniak- Sugarland Studios engineered by Andy Bradley- live at the Axiom engineered by JR at the board) and the full length album/ CD "Cinco Dudes- Fives a Crowd" released in 1991 on Warmer Records, engineered by Peter Reardon.. The dudes are Rick Saenz, John Marino, Doug Jones, Charles (Chuck) Roe, Fred Schultz, Keith Nickerson and Andrew- good memories.

Time Monks- video for Dudes and Korkus

Cinco Dudes want to thank everyone who helped organize the Axiom Reunion at Fitz. The 20 plus bands and our fans raised over $3000.00 for the Houston Musicians Benevolent Society.


Mullberry Jane, The Reign and The Fundies- oh yeah!




Dudes in Lockhart looking for BBQ and Blythe Spirits looking for a gin and tonic!

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