Now David Murray at Murray Studios has a really cool room and mics, - dancar todos, dancar Jamas

Produced in Recife with help from Tita and Olivia- thanks to Guaranna too, we love the soda

Happy Fathers day to everyone, Brasilieros and Americanos- Parker plays guitar and I play banjo and sing a little song about travel

A great XTCish story- Scott Randolph on lead guitar and keyboards, me on a 37 archtop gibson

Dedicated to Harry Nilsson and to all you kids out there who have to sit around and wait for your parents to come home

Recorded with Greg playing bass at Tom Johnsons studio in South Austin. This is always a favorite with the kids, they can relate.

Summer time is so much fun when you have a friend to share it with - nice recording by Scott Randolph in Flemington, NJ

I loved Ray Charles when I was a kid, so here is my little tribute- albeit modern- to the sixties gogo blues with guitar and keyboards

Country kinda blues thingy about a dog and a clown in Greensboro, North Carolina- another good engineering by Will

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