SELFISH- is about a dream I had in Las Vegas SNOWFLAKE IN MAY- written by Parker and me here in Lima

WHISPER- a staple in my Open Mic set list, LOVERS NEED PEACE- Lovers Need Peace and they should sleep on the beach

HAVE A NICE DAY- by Freudian Flip LOVERS LANE- the title track of my first album but it never made the final cut

LUNA and HOMEWOOD- a love my cat song, it is close to Valentine Day

BEFORE YOU FLY- you must buzz light year and 007. IMPOSSIBLE DAYDREAMS- Brazil, O's friend said she had one.

DIAPHENIA- recorded in 2000 in NJ and again in 2010 here in Lima

STINGRAY- a story about my second cousin David Odom, just a few liberties about the exact facts, I do miss him though

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