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very retro acoustic and electric guitar, drums by Scott and Parker plays a wicked lead guitar- rock on recife

Ken Hougasian on drums and me on guitar- just like the old days in Virginia.

Inspired after seeing the Evens - recorded in Brazil, Cecelia does her best impression of a wacked out Coca Cola fan.

from a disco or Pillows of Light- originally a little faster and inspired by having fun, a tune I wrote with Jen

or Jeffrey- recorded at Parrot Tracks in Manchaca, Texas in 1999, Eddie Flores on drums


The 2012 Very Big GED - good job with amps recorded in Lima shortly after we arrived

A Rockn Horse - kids and les cowboys - it's an old melody that began at Texas A&M and just grew

Rebecca's Triple Decker- niceadelic diddy and a 12 string Rick recorded in Recife while staring at the beach and sipping on a coco

A song by Billie Holiday - this is one of Larry Jackson's favorite tunes

Andys lyrical stab at an indian noddle that I did in Brazil and he did in Virginia

well is a story I wrote soon after meeting Cecelia and the rest is history

written in Brooklyn but finished in my living room- with a little help from my new Pbass, thanks Fender