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Noche de Arte Profits 2009 + US Embassy Association Volunteers =New Cancer Home in Lima - ask USEA about 2010

Peru has one main hospital that treats cancer, the Instituto Neoplasicas here in Lima. So cancer patients from all over the country- from Piura, Iquitos to Puno and Tacna - must come to the capital to receive treatment. For low-income families this is a tremendous hardship, especially if they have no relatives in the city to lodge them. Aldimi was founded as a non-profit organization by a group of committed ladies, Peruvian volunteers in 2005. Their mission was and remains to provide room, board and emotional support to cancer patients (with a family member) from the provinces that are undergoing treatment.

Having always been short of funds, the Aldimi directors have had to make do with a rented house as their base of operations. Their dream was to own a place of their own. This is where the US Embassy Association - USEA, armed with Noche de Arte profits, was able to make a difference. Traditionally USEA has divided NDA profits into several small or midsize donations to be able to support more charities. In 2008 the board decided to instead make one single, large contribution to fund one major project. After much deliberation the sum of $70,000 was awarded to Aldimi to buy a house. News of USEA’s support spurned other organizations to contribute to Aldimi. Enough money was raised to remodel and update the house adequately for it to function as a temporary home for up to fifty people. In February 2010 the new Aldimi site was inaugurated. We would like to share our (USEA) accomplishment with the Embassy community

Katie Nealon is shown with a few of the children. ALDIMI provides a bed and a home for those children (and one family member) receiving chemo therapy in Lima. USEA also supports young Peruvians to learn English, CHOP.

The best part is delivering the check, this one goes to FUNDADES.