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Noche de Arte planning, site selection is controlled by theNoche de Arte steering committe and NDA Advisors. Pictured below is NDA Director Natalia Farias (in her white jacket looking smart).

Last years event was held at the Puericulturio, in Miraflores, Lima. NDA planning begins with locating and securing a site that can support the event, selecting a Director and then working with Artists and Architects to create a display worthy of Peru's largest art exhibition. early. The far right picture shows NDA advisor Itala de Testino with Ambassador McKinley. at one of the pre-event showings. The NDA Director is the head event planner, they coordinate between the various volunteer committes and work alongh with side the advisrs to insure a smooth production.

Past NDA's have been held at the Ambassadors residence, the Museo de la Nacion, the Peuriculturio and the Banco Continental. USEA relies on embassy volunteers to help fill in the by using volunteers to help with logistics, storing and catorgorizing, decoration, the event night and many other tasks. USEA is lucky to have the Noche de Arte Steering Committe and Fatima McKinley working to bring art and cultures together for 4 special days of art in Peru. Thanks Tim for Directing, and thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors for your support.


The Board invites you to join us, and to contact us, if you are interested in sponsoring or volunteering. Please email us at useaperu.master@gmail.com.