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We are a not for profit Peruvian Association comprised of employees from the U.S. Embassy of Lima, whose mission is to raise funds for bonafide charities in Peru. Over the years donations to USEA have been used to build day care centers, provide equipment for deaf and blind schools, deliver medicines to towns affected by flood or earthquake, drilling of water wells in a pueblo joven, providing sewing machines and materials for severely burned children as well as other kinds of welfare projects benefiting the needy in Peru.

In 1969 a group of embassy spouse's, who wanted to get involved with charity and fund raising in Lima, began participating with the American Woman's Literary Group- Lima. The group worked to help create Noche de Arte, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, as a way to promote art and raise funds.

The group provided over sight, managed donations and along with the welfare committee identified worthy causes that could use a helping hand. In 1997 a new group of embassy mission spouses created their own non-profit organization, named United States Embassy Association (USEA) they elected a board and created a constitution with bylaws.

In addition to Noche de Arte, USEA sponsors events like the Special Needs Christmas and the Welcome Picnic. Special Needs Christmas pre dates USEA, created in 1962 with Ambassador James Loeb and Mrs. Loeb. Mrs. Fatima McKinley hosted the 42nd anniversary of Special Needs Christmas in 2008 and 2009 by inviting over 300 children to share Christmas at the Ambassador's residence.